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"As an adult rider with a Nursing career, I am not currently teaching or taking on horses in training, but you will
notice that I frequently have a few of my personal horses listed for sale. With a strong background in lessons and
training, and over twenty years of show experience, I try to match the horse and rider to help create the best pair
possible for future success.”
                                                                                                                                                              ~ Josey ~

Biography: Born into a riding family, Josey has been riding since before she could walk. By age four she was  
showing her second pony Princess, and joined the United States Pony Club at age six. By age ten, Josey was
showing her third pony, Monopoly (aka Pogo) in United Stated Eventing Association Recognized Events at the
Beginner Novice Level. Josey began training young horses at Gray Lily Farm at age eleven and has been doing so
ever since. By age fifteen, Josey had competed three of her own horses through Novice Level Eventing with the
USEA, winning countless Championship awards with the local Dressage and Eventing club and  several Large Pony
Hunter and Jumper classes with her pony Tic-Tac-Toe (aka Denver).

At this time Josey was competing three horses through Second Level Dressage, two that Lillibridge had trained
herself, and the third was Deborah Lillibridge's Lippizzan gelding Siglavi II Strana II, who later won many awards at  
the Intermediaire Level in Dressage. By sixteen Josey achieved her "B" rating with USPC on her horse Bailey Boy.
In 2000, Josey competed Bailey Boy in the Training Division at Red Hills Horse Trials. Josey was also a member of   
the USEA Area III Young Riders; she attended the North American Young Riders Championships in Colorado in 2001,
after which she was invited to work for Mike and Emma Winter, Olympic and International Event riders, based in  
Newnan, Georgia.

Josey worked for the Winter's for over a year, during which time she had the opportunity to ride Advanced
Level Event horses, ex-Grand Prix Jumpers, and Third Level Dressage horses. Josey took this opportunity to
compete her horse Bailey Boy through the Preliminary Level and purchased a new horse, LaDancabout, which she
competed through USEA Training Level Eventing, Level 2 Jumpers and First Level Dressage.

Josey also has the unique opportunity to ride Best Prospect, a former Advanced Event horse, in several USEA
Events at the Preliminary Level. Josey and Best Prospect finished with qualifying scores at Poplar Place, FENCE,
Pine Top and Red Hills Horse Trials, which gave the pair the opportunity to attend Camino Real for the long-format  
CCI* Preliminary Level 3-Day Event in Texas; Josey was the top placed Area III Young Rider in her division.

Josey has ridden with Show Jumping trainer Richard Watson for many years and credits much of her success to the
vital coaching she has received from him.

In recent years, she completed her Bachelors Degree at Florida State University, earned a Nursing Degree from
Lively Tech, and is now working full-time as a Nurse in Tallahassee while showing several young Thoroughbreds in
Dressage, Hunters, and Jumpers. Josey also owns Concord Saddlery, on location at Gray Lily Farm.
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